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Ray Foundation Aviation Scholarship

GREAT NEWS!!  Chapter 272 has been awarded $30,000 in Scholarship money!  This scholarship will be used to provide flight training to two of the chapter's youth members to get their private pilots certificate.  Watch this space for further details as we continue to develop this program within the chapter.

Update:  Kai Braaten, our first scholarship recipient passed his check ride on December 29th.  He now has his private pilot license and will be attending the Naval Academy this fall.

Dillon Town has  passed his checkride  on April 20th.


BASICMED is here!

After years of lobbying by both EAA and AOPA, The FAA has finally put into effect a new medical rule that will make it easier for pilots who have expired medical certificates and wish to return to flying status.  AOPA has made the process so easy that just about anyone can comply with this new rule with very few problems and return to the air.  See the BASICMED panel on the left of this page for a link to the AOPA basicmed web page, as well as links to printable copies of the information that will help you understand the new rule.


Ever wonder what the weather was doing at an airport near you?  Click on the following link provided to me compliments of Dick Nelson.  The US map will depict the weather conditions at virtually any airport that has an AWOS.
To access the map, simply click here: WEATHER MAP

Visit the Aeronca Sedan Page...

Check out the progress that we are making on rebuilding this classic airplane

Young Eagles Totals Have Been Updated - check out the new totals on the young eagles page

Dreams…The catalyst for achievement,
Eugene Cernan, a retired NASA Astronaut (remember him?) has written a beautiful article that pretty much describes the reason why our chapter is so committed to supporting youth education in aviation.  The article will appear in the August issue of Sport Aviation Magazine published by EAA.  A complete copy of the article can be found on our Young Eagles page.

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