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Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 272 Duluth/Superior
PO Box 3246 Duluth, MN 55803

EAA272’s Youth in Aviation Programs
Since the founding of our chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association in 1966, part of our mission is to involve local area youth in aviation.  We sponsor Young Eagle rides for kids from 8 to 17 years old with over 5,000 kids flown to date. We provide scholarship support for kids wanting to attend EAA’s Air academy located in Oshkosh, WI.  Since 2012, we have sponsored at least one kid to air academy each year.  EAA 272 also provides scholarships to area students who are attending college and are pursuing an aviation career.  Our chapter is constantly looking for new ways to involve youth in aviation.

In 2013, our chapter was given the opportunity to obtain a non-flying 1948 Aeronca sedan to use as a long-term youth project to rebuild the airplane.


Our Builders in Action

Please help us promote youth in aviation by making a generous contribution to the sedan project


EAA Chapter 272
PO BOX 3246
Duluth, MN 55803

Jim Nelson
Project Manager

Superior Airport Hangar A8
4804 Hammond Ave
Superior, WI 54880


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Builders Journal

Many thanks to the following companies and individuals who have provided both material and financial support to the Sedan Project

Aircraft Spruce & Specialty,
Jim Irwin:
Open book support of parts need for project

Burl Aviation, Burl Rogers:
Wing inspection S.B. 2012-04-10 compliance kit


Mike Hudyma
3814 Prosperity Road
Duluth, MN 55811


Tom Setter:
Wing Skins:  2 sheets of 2024 Alum. .025” x 48” x 120”

Jonathan Aero, Jon Messerer:
Other of S.B. 2012-04-10 kit

Mike Hoag, Pres. National Aeronca Association:
Loan of tools to cut holes in wings in compliance with S.B. 2012-04-10
Donation of horizontal stabilizer and elevator halves
Donation of templates for all wooden bulkheads and floor boards
Cabin Door
Lower Aileron Pulleys (attached to bottom of control column)
Control Column Pivot Spacers (fig 25-33 &25-38)

EAA Headquarters - Oshkosh, WI
Lincoln TIG Electric Welder


Lincoln Electric:
Welding Hoods, jackets, hats, sleeves & gloves

Chris Penny, Precision Powder Coatings:
Sand blast and epoxy prime fuselage and Powder coat Control Column

Ken Peters:
Wooden stringers for fuselage formers

Mark Marino, Hangar 10 Aero:
Polyfiber epoxy varnish for finishing wooden bulkheads and stringers, 4130 tubing for repair of fuselage

William E. Amorde – Twin Ports Flying Service
Coordination of goods, donations, and contributions to the project

Superior Skydivers - Financial Support

Superior Curling Club - Financial Support

Jim Brown - Financial Support

Ellen Oakes - Financial Support


Build A Plane and The Spirit of Katrina
Build a Plane (BAP) is a non profit organization which began operations in 2003, matching aircraft donors with organizations such as our local EAA Chapter.  The purpose is to give youth hands-on experience, education and opportunities in aircraft construction and design.

Katrina Bradshaw was the executive director of BAP when we were first offered our Aeronca Sedan in the summer of 2013.  While we were arranging the transfer of ownership of the aircraft, Katrina unexpectedly passed away due to illness.  Anne Arcamuzi, who was second in command, took over and completed the transfer.  We have since learned of Katrina’s love for and long career in aviation, educating youth in aviation and promoting aviation through organizations such as EAA, AOPA, NBAA and more.  Katrina, by all accounts, was loved by all who knew her.  When talking with Desiree Czaplinski, Marketing Manager of Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Co., about sponsorship, she asked if we had a name for our airplane.  I said no.  She knew Katrina and asked if we could name it after her.  I thought it was a very good idea.  Mike Arcamuzi, Anne’s husband, suggested “Spirit of Katrina”, and the rest is history!   We consider this aircraft an extension of Katrina’s work with youth in aviation and we are proud to have our Aeronca Sedan carry her name.

We have several aircraft builders in our chapter who are volunteering to provide their guidance and expertise to the kids during the rebuilding project.  We are funding the project with donations of money and materials needed during the rebuilding of this classic airplane.